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Men Looking To Get Ripped Are At Risk Of Abusing Legal Supplements

Supplement use and disordered eating in men.

Montgomery Advisor
Men and body image: ‘They just want to work out’
Males Get Eating Disorders, Too
Misconceptions about Eating Disorders
Media Matters to Males, Too (11/4/14)
Body Image issues and the Male Athlete

HuffingtonPost Lifestyle, United Kingdom (10/31/14)
Eating Disorders Aren’t Just a Women’s Issue, Men are Suffering Too

Kansas Health Institute (10/22/14)
Eating Disorders: They afflict men too

Eating Disorders Catalogue (10/1/14)
The Facts about Males and Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Catalogue (10/1/14)
Overcoming Male Eating Disorder Shame

Eating Disorders Catalogue (10/1/14)
Males with Eating Disorders and Exercise

New York Times Sunday Review (3/22/14)
What I’d Say to My Fat Son

HealthlineNews (11/6/13)
Eating Disorders Not Just a ‘Woman’s Disease’ – A new study shows that men with eating disorders are more common than once thought.

LA Times (6/14/13)
Eating disorders plague teenage boys, too
A survey shows that L.A. male high school students are about as likely as females to use diet aids or laxatives or vomiting to lose weight. The numbers challenge old assumptions.

Medical News Today (5/14/13)

Sexually Harassed Men Undergo Extreme Measures To Control Weight (3/28/13)
Boys Get Eating Disorders, Too

GQ (9/12)
20% of Anorexics Are Men

NYU Shoe Leather Magazine (5/31/11)
Starving in Silence
Men have eating disorders too. Why
aren’t we hearing about it?

The Fix (4/7/11)
Why Eating Disorders are Surging Among American Men

New York Daily News (5/5/10)
Men get their own super-skinny mannequins – and a host of new body issues

Edutopia (2/18/10)
Boys and Body Image: Eating Disorders Don’t Discriminate
Body-image troubles are gnawing away at boys, too.

New York Times (7/17/09)
Eating Disorders in Straight and Gay Men

New York Times (8/13/12)
Binge Eating Among Men Steps Out of the Shadows