The following organizations are sponsoring our efforts at the National Association for Males with Eating Disorders.

Charter Sponsors

Reasons: For Adult and Adolescent Males, we offer specialized eating disorder Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs. Reasons Eating Disorder Center is an innovative program founded on the belief that healing transcends eating disorder treatment. We are a team of professionals with extensive expertise in eating disorders and their intersection with problems of mood, anxiety, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors, and substance use. While rooted firmly in the medical model of eating disorder treatment, our goal is to create a culture of deep healing that nurtures the integration of body and mind through the daily practice and continual reinforcing of the balancing ideas of Doing and Being. We approach nutrition with a non-diet, all foods fit approach and typically use an exchange system. We put great focus on our relationship with the client therefore we believe treatment should be individualized and collaborative.

Rosewood: Innovative therapies, an internationally respected multidisciplinary team, superb aftercare, alumni support, family involvement and collaboration with professional referents are just a few reasons people choose Rosewood for eating disorder recovery. A fully accredited and licensed hospital located in the beautiful Arizona desert, Rosewood is one of the first and most experienced programs to provide comprehensive care for all stages of recovery from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, co-occurring addictions and mood/psychiatric disorders. At Rosewood, men, women, and adolescent boys and girls receive clinically superior treatment while immersed in the comfortable homelike environment of our stunning 13-acre campus.

Rogers: At Rogers Behavioral Health the treatment of males involves nutritional interventions aimed at normalizing eating and, in most cases, normalizing weight. Treatment may also include cognitive-behavioral therapy that aims to identify and challenge errors in thinking, reduce preoccupation and overvaluation of food and weight, and to normalize behaviors related to eating disorders. An important part of treatment involves addressing co-occurring psychiatric concerns.

Anticipating and developing alternative ways of dealing with anger and irritability, which may develop as a result of abstaining from binge-eating, bingeing/purging, or restricting, is an important aspect of treatment for males.

While men and women have a similar response to treatment, males seeking treatment for eating disorders also often have to overcome the misconception that eating disorders are a female phenomenon. Males also report much less support from family, friends, school, coaches, and employers than they believe are given to females struggling with the same disorder.

Fairwinds: Fairwinds Treatment Center is a dual diagnosis facility where we can address the underlying issues attributing to the eating disorders with co-occurring disorders. We offer all levels of care including: inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization and IOP. We utilize CBT and DBT skills to treat patients and offer ABA and EDA support groups. Fairwinds offers individualized appointments with your psychiatrist, therapist and nutritionist; group therapy with therapists, nurses, nutritionist and art therapy. We require a minimum of weekly family therapy and offer educational groups for families throughout the week and weekend. Our treatment approach is a therapeutic approach with pharmacological interventions. In addition to the educational groups and therapeutic sessions we offer experientials to grocery stores, trying on clothes and shopping, eating at various types of restaurants and cooking their meals. We encourage intuitive eating with our patients. Medical work-up includes lab-work, physician and nursing assessment, EKG, Chest X-Ray, tube feedings and DEXA scan. We obtain a full history from pediatricians and look at their natural history and pediatric growth charts. Fairwinds works with patients in incorporating physical activity back into their regimen.

Eating Recovery Center: Eating Recovery Center is an international center for eating disorders recovery providing comprehensive treatment for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS). We offer healing and hope for a lasting recovery to individuals and families suffering with an eating disorder. Utilizing a full continuum of care, we provide expert behavioral health and medical treatment in an environment of compassion, competence, collaboration, and integrity.

Veritas Collaborative – in Durham, NC – is a Specialty Hospital System for the Treatment of Eating Disorders. We deliver multidisciplinary, evidence-based care for patients and their families in a warm, inviting, and gender inclusive environment. The Child & Adolescent Hospital (ages 10-19) provides Inpatient, Acute Residential, Partial Hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient levels of care.

Veritas’ treatment protocols are based on the philosophy that eating disorders are biogenetically- mediated, serious mental illnesses requiring a multi-disciplinary treatment approach, including eating-disorders-specific internal medicine, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and dietetics. Veritas treats patients and families through evidence-based psychiatric, medical and psychotherapeutic interventions (individual, group, and family), including psycho-education about these complex illnesses. The goal of such education is to increase understanding of illness etiology and symptomatology, stress the critical nature of engaging in treatment and treatment recommendations, and motivate adherence to long-term recovery recommendations for the best treatment outcomes and prognosis.

Castlewood – Castlewood offers a full continuum of care including Residential, Partial Hospitalization, Transitional Living and Intensive Outpatient Programs. Castlewood’s approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Men are housed in the same residence as women, with single bedrooms. Men participate in groups and meals with women, but have the opportunity for peer interaction and support with other men receiving treatment. Each client at Castlewood explores the issues that gave rise to the development of their own eating disorder and a unique treatment plan is designed with these issues and co-occurring disorders in mind. Castlewood creates customized meal plans and exercise plans based on the caloric needs of our clients incorporating balance, mindfulness and intuitive eating. Castlewood goes beyond stabilization of eating disorder behaviors and weight restoration and helps our clients transform to healthier lives.

Sierra Tucson – Sierra Tucson provides care as a special hospital and residential treatment with psychiatrists, therapists, naturopathic doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, physical therapist, therapeutic recreational activities specialists, equine therapists, family therapists, clinical technicians and nurses. Our primary goal is to empower residents to improve overall health and wellbeing through treatment strategies to nourish mind, body, and soul. Psychopharmacologic interventions are combined with individual and group psychotherapy, as well as various therapeutic modalities such as EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Somato-Emotional Release Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupuncture, Equine Therapy and opportunity for Family Therapy with loved ones. Our Registered Dieticians collaborate with residents weekly to develop individualized plans (ranging from intuitive eating to meal plan with support), to meet their goals of weight gain, loss, or stabilization while eating mindfully and developing healthy relationships with food and themselves. Men with motivation for self-improvement, looking for an open-minded, individualized, supportive approach to recovery, will thrive in this setting.


Center for Hope of the Sierras: Center for Hope of the Sierras offered specialized eating disorders treatment at the residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient levels of care. With a foundation in the intuitive eating model of treatment, Center for Hope works with clients to restore them to natural, individualized eating patterns based on the body’s natural hunger and satiety cues with the ultimate goal of restoring the body to its natural desired weight. With only 10 beds, the center is able to offer intensive, individualized treatment with a consistent focus on the needs of each client. With equine therapy, chef-prepared meals, mindful movement groups, dialectical behavior therapy, music therapy and a specialty track for comorbid diabetes and eating disorders, all housed in a comfortable, home-like setting, Center for Hope is proud to provide treatment to all individuals, regardless of sex or gender.