Glamour’s “Sexiest Men of 2015”

Our newest post from Sydney Avitia-Jacques.

Glamour’s “Sexiest Men of 2015” pulls names from film, music, and sports — even race car driving. But in other ways, it’s shockingly lacking in diversity: less than ten of the hundred men on the list are not caucasian. The vast majority of them embody a strikingly similar fair-skinned, dark-haired look. The body size of men on the list is also incredibly homogenous.

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t look like they spend more time than most men can in the gym. There’s a lack of skinny men— most of their suits are

This list is based on the votes of 80,000 Glamour readers, but it’s not even close to representative of the general population. It’s evidence of the unrealistic standards that men and boys face every day when comparing themselves to the people that are celebrated in the media. This is not to criticize any of the men on the list, but to point out that men with other looks need to be celebrated alongside them. It’s time for the majority of men, who don’t have this rare but over-glorified look, to see themselves appreciated, and not neglected, in mainstream media.”noticeably squeezing around muscles. But very few of them squeeze in the other way— the way that is natural and normal for men to experience as they grow into adult size (despite the public’s supposed love for “dad bods”).

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