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Welcome to our website. NAMED is a nationwide professional association committed to leadership in the field of male eating disorders. We aim to provide support for males affected by eating disorders, provide access to collective expertise, and promote the development of effective clinical intervention and research in this population. Please take a few moments to browse our website, take advantage of our resources, and connect with our community.

Eating Disorders Treatment for Males is on the Rise

A recent study showed that the number of eating disorders treatment facilities treating males increased from 35% in 2000 to 69% in 2013.

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Ten Facts about Males and Eating Disorders*

  1. 25-40% of people with eating disorders are males (Hudson, 2007).
  2. As many men as women want to change their weight (Andersen, 2000).
  3. Men engage in eating-disordered behaviors nearly as often as women (Mond, 2013).
  4. Eating disorders assessment tests underscore males (Darcy, 2014).
  5. Additionally, prevalence of eating disorders in males is greater than estimated because men are often too stigmatized to seek treatment for “women’s problems.” (Cohn, 2013)
  6. Despite popular beliefs, eating disorders have never been “women’s diseases,” and professionals in the field are realizing this fact more and more (Cohn, 2014).
  7. The earliest case descriptions of anorexia nervosa by Richard Morton in 1690 included cases of a man and a woman (Andersen, 2014).
  8. Media objectification and sexualization of males is just as rampant as for females (Cohn, 2013).
  9. A high percentage of comorbid conditions exist for males in treatment, such as excessive exercise, poor body image, and issues with sexuality (Weltzin, 2014)
  10. Attention to gender dynamics is critical in the process of treatment (Bunnell, 2014).